2018 GODIVA Valentine's Day
Collection Précieuse

A delectable new chocolate collection inspired by precious jewels

Diamonds are a girl's best friends. Chocolates come as a close second! That is why chocolates created in the shape of precious jewels are simply irresistible to both the eyes and the palate. GODIVA's new Valentine's Day limited edition, Collection Précieuse, is designed with this special concept to impress and indulge your valentine this season.

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Inspiration of Valentine's Day Collection
Interview with Jessica Ford

Jessie Ford

1) Where did you take inspiration from when creating the illustrations for GODIVA's Valentine's Day collection?

Jessie Ford: I looked at lots of lovely images online, of traditional folk art designs, of 1950's packaging, and floral fabric designs. I have lots of beautiful ceramics with interesting patterns and motifs on them, so they inspired me a lot too.

2) What was your process when creating the illustrations for Valentine's Day?

Jessie Ford: I use a lot of cut paper, cut from my collection of hand printed papers. I'm obsessed with colour and finding different colour combinations, so I always save interesting examples of things like labels, articles torn from magazines, Pinterest etc, where people have used colour combinations in a really beautiful way! The cut paper is then scanned into the artwork, using Photoshop, where I draw on top and can manipulate the colours further.

3) What Valentine's Day traditions do you have? (for example, do you like to send valentine cards, or stay in for a cooked meal with your loved one, or exchange chocolate, etc.)

Jessie Ford: I LOVE Valentine's Day! Any excuse to buy pretty flowers, decorate our home, and dress up for the night! I think Valentines Day is just such a wonderful celebration. It's important to tell your loved one how special they are to you. I also like sending cards to my friends and family - everyone deserves a card on Valentine's Day!

Jessie Ford